Burial Vaults

Burial Vault

What are Burial Vaults?

Burial vaults are lined, sealed, concrete containers manufactured to house and protect the casket for inground interment/burial.  Grave liners are unlined, unsealed concrete containers. We offer a variety of vaults ranging from beautiful, personalized, plastic lined and sealed products to plain concrete grave liners designed to meet minimum cemetery requirements.

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Why Choose a Burial Vault?

The layers of a Trigard lined, sealed burial vault combine to protect your family’s loved one and the investment in their casket.  Your loved one is protected from ground water and the beauty of the cemetery grounds is maintained by preventing grave settlement.

Why Choose Trigard Lined Burial Vaults

We manufacture all or own burial vaults using Trigards high impact polymer liners surrounded by high-strength, reinforced concrete.  We timely and respectfully service our burial vaults for funeral homes and cemeteries throughout Toronto, North to Haliburton, East to Trenton and West to Oakville.

We offer standard grave vault set-ups using hangers and lid stands as well as vault lowering devices and lid carts for lower and fill traditions at the request of the funeral home or cemetery.

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